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Rigo, 8th grade

"Esta divertido las personas son amables." 

Savannah, 9th grade

"The staff have lots of grace for students." 

Loris, 8th grade

"The staff are great people because they are respectful and responsible.

Bryan, 8th grade

"I like that we get to hang out with friends and have fun!"

Jason, 9th grade

"It's an awesome place to hang out because you get to hang out with some friends and making new ones." 

Lisa Driver, MI

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Nora, 9th grade

"The Gate is fun because there is lots of stuff to do." 

Asher, 9th grade

"It's fun! Lots of things to do here. Field trips in the summer. All the parties they host. It's fun! It's a safe place. 

Hayden, 12th grade

"I like the staff because they are easy to talk to. They are cool people to be around."

Angel, 9th grade

"I like hanging out with my friends."

Brenda, 9th grade

"I get to hangout and talk with staff." 

Max, 11th grade

"Staff are always nice!"
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