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What you need to know as a Parent/Guardian 

During the school year, 7th through 12th grade students are welcome to attend all Gate Activities. 6th grade students are welcome on Mondays and Tuesdays only. 

During the summer, incoming 7th grade students through graduates are welcome to attend The Gate. Incoming 6th graders must wait until the fall to begin attending The Gate. Graduates may only attend The Gate after the summer if they apply to become a volunteer. 

Parent & Guardian Check List

1. In order for youth to visit our facility, a parent/guardian must fill out the form below. Youth cannot attend without this form signed and turned in. This permission form needs to be renewed every year. 

Click here for Parent/Guardian Permission Form 

2. It is important for students to bring their student ID's to The Gate. We use their ID to verify their grade and name. Students also need ID's to check out any equipment they wish to use while at The Gate. If your child is homeschooled or attends a school where they do not issue ID's, parents need to let Gate Staff know. 

3. It is important to know the rules of The Gate. Please click on the PDF to the right to read about our expectations of each youth that attends. 

4. The Gate has a standard of how students should behave while at The Gate. If any student should violate any of our rules after a warning, this could result in asking the student to leave the premise, performing community service specifically for The Gate before coming back to hang out, and parent/guardian or police contact. 

6. To stay updated on activities & events, follow us on Instagram and Facebook. If you're interested in getting direct updates, hover over the Parent Information tab and click on the Remind Codes

5. If you are a parent who wishes to be involved in any programs, event, or activity at The Gate, feel free to contact the Program Director. We enjoy parents who connect with us!

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